• CMD Engine Repair is Located at the New Bern St. Light Rail Station

    On The Light Rail Line

    Conveniently Located at the New Bern Station. Drop your car off and be at your uptown office in minutes!

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    Computerized Accuracy

    We’ll computer balance and mount your tires to your vehicle for a smooth and comfortable ride.

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CMD Automotive Has Been Serving Charlotte For 20 Years

We are glad you’re here! No matter what issues you’re having with your vehicle, we can help. We will provide the level of service you’ve come to expect from a dealership, with the prices you’d expect from a friend. Our licensed technicians are available now, so contact us today.

CDM Automotive

A Trusted Partner

Did you know that your car has specific fluids that should be used when maintenance service is performed? Did you know that if generic equipment is used to diagnose a problem on your car, you could be compromising the effect of that service?

As an independent car repair and maintenance shop based in Charlotte, NC, we have the ability and the commitment to bring the very best of ourselves to you without the restrictions of meeting a corporate agenda. Each manufacturer suggests that it’s brand specific products and diagnostic equipment be used on their car brand so that the life and performance of that car is maximized.