Auto Repair Services

Auto RepairServices - CMD Auto Repair

CMD Automotive offers ASE Certified technicians and auto repair and maintenance service in Charlotte, North Carolina. We offer quality car care and maintenance service for all makes and models and have extensive experience with GM, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Honda, Chrysler, BMW, Nissan, Lexus, Toyota, and Dodge just to name a few.

Tires & Alignment

Have you noticed uneven wear on your tires or steering vibration? Need a new set of quality tires? Check out our page on Tires and Alignment to learn more about our offerings.

Heating & A/C

Most cars are equipped with heating and air conditioning for driver comfort and safety. Many of these systems are a combination of mechanical devices, controlled by computers and electronic sensors. Let us diagnose and repair your HVAC and make driving safer and much more comfortable.

NC State Inspections

Once a year, in order in renew your NC vehicle registration, each vehicle must pass a state inspection. This program ensures your vehicle and those traveling beside you, behind you, and on our streets, have met the states criteria for safe operation on public roads.

Timing Belts

Does your car have a timing belt?  When does it need to be replaced?  What will happen if it breaks? Give us a call, we’ll tell you if your vehicle has a timing belt and when it is due for replacement. Most are replaced at a certain mileage or age, and on some cars, if this belt breaks… it can double or triple the replacement cost due to engine damage.

Hybrid Service

Own a hybrid?  We’ve been working on these since they were first introduced to the public. Almost every part on a hybrid vehicle, from low-rolling resistance tires, to special friction property fluids, and weight reduced parts, are designed to optimize fuel mileage. Factory training, experience, and equipment are key to keeping your hybrid vehicle operating properly.

Vintage, Specialty & Custom

Own a unique or rare vehicle?  From custom built T-Buckets, to exotic foreign models, we can service, repair or modify your custom or vintage vehicle. Please contact us for these services, as these are done by appointment only.

Tires & Tire Monitor Systems

We carry most major tire brands, and can usually have them installed the same day. We’ll computer balance and mount them to your vehicle for a smooth and comfortable ride. Is your tire pressure warning light on? Chances are one or more of your tires could need attention. Let our technicians quickly determine the problem and get the system reset.


We can return your vehicle to its factory specifications to reduce tire wear, increase fuel efficiency and stabilize your vehicle.  We have over 50 years of combined experience aligning vehicles and have invested in the newest, state of the art optical alignment equipment.


This is the most important system on your car.  Modern brake and ABS systems require more attention to detail than ever.  Quality parts, experience, factory tools and training will keep your brake system ready for all situations.  We specialize in keeping these systems in top shape.


We use only new clutch kits 100% of the time to assure a quality job for every repair.

Cooling Systems

The sole purpose of your engine’s cooling system is to maintain the optimal temperature for proper operation which ensures fuel economy and engine reliability.  Use us to properly service your cooling system which is vital to trouble free operation of your car.

Diagnostics & Drivability

Is your “Check Engine” light on?  Is your vehicle running rough?  Do you have poor fuel mileage? Is your car stalling?  We can help by having our expert technicians diagnose the problem.  We have invested in factory diagnostic equipment for most makes and models and regularly send our technicians to train–they are sharp and able to handle even the most challenging vehicle drivability issue.

Exhaust Systems

Whether it’s a simple muffler replacement, exhaust system repair or custom dual exhaust system installation, we have you covered.  We are happy to give you a free estimate for any exhaust issue.

Oil Services

All of our oil change services include a basic vehicle integrity check.  We make sure your washer reservoir is full, that tire pressures are set to factory specification, and proper oil grade and filter are replaced.

Mileage Based Services

30,000 – 60,000 – 90,000 Mile Services;  Preventative maintenance and mileage services not only save you money but they can assist in us catching looming problems before they surprise you.  Our technicians will carefully inspect your vehicle, check emissions systems, and go over a 100-point checklist for your specific vehicle.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Buying a car ?  We offer a pre-purchase inspection program that can help you avoid a potential problem vehicle.  We offer you tips and advice on vehicle makes and models to help you make an informed decision on your next car purchase.  This service includes a Carfax Report as well as a comprehensive check of your prospective vehicle.

Starters & Alternators

Think you may need an alternator or starter ? We will do a comprehensive electrical system test first to determine what you need.  Our premium, 100% tested replacement starters and alternators, which we back, is a 2-year, 24,000-mile warranty will get you back on the road quickly.

Transmission Service

Today’s automatic and CVT transmissions require specific maintenance and fluid types to operate smoothly and keep cool.  These fluids need to be replaced at certain intervals to ensure a long and reliable transmission life.

If your transmission does need to be replaced, we will offer you several pricing options on new, rebuilt and used transmissions to suit your needs.  All units come with warranties and are 100% tested.

Anti-Theft Systems

Problems with factory Anti-Theft systems can often be misdiagnosed.  We have the training and proper equipment to accurately troubleshoot these complex systems.  We have the ability to re-program key fobs, add new keys, and fault test.  Our certified locksmiths have the experience to quickly identify issues and fix these systems.

Catalytic Converters

One of the most expensive repairs to a vehicle emissions system is to a catalytic converter.  We offer several options.  “Universal” or Internet-bought converters, although inexpensive, can waste time and money, and warranties can be a hassle.  We know what is best for your car as well as your budget.

Electrical Troubleshooting

A large portion of our work is troubleshooting electrical problems in vehicles.  We are armed with years of experience, the most up-to-date equipment and factory diagrams so that we can get to the bottom of just about any troublesome electrical fault in your vehicle’s system.  From wiring repairs to new circuits, new modules, switches and components – we have seen and fixed it all.

CV Joints & Axles

Need a CV joint ? U-joint ? Need a vibration fixed? Let us quickly and accurately tell you what is wrong and how to make it right.

Engine Repair & Replacement

Think you need an engine? We will give you several options on whether to replace, rebuild or repair your vehicle’s power plant.  We have over 50 years of experience fixing foreign and domestic engines.  From late models or older ones, we will get you back on the road. Learn More…